Windshield Banner v2

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Perfect for track cars to keep the sun out, especially after window visors have been gutted. Can be installed to personal preference height.

Checkerd Sports Logo
Made from premium matte vinyl.

Banners are universal. They can be placed as high or as low as you want, then cut the remainder off after install.

Overall banner measures 58" x 10"

Black with cutout logo
Black with red logo
Black with white logo

1. Clean windshield
2. Measure where you want banner to be located on windshield. Personally we use tape to hold banner where it's going to be installed.
3. Carefully peel back of banner off on one side
4. Wet the windshield and back of banner with water or soapy water using a spray bottle
5. Start Installing banner from one side, or from the middle out.
6. Using a squeegee, or some type of flat card (credit card), starting from the inside to the outside, push bubbles under the banner out until none are left and all the water has been released.
6. Using a razor blade, trim banner around windshield as close as possible.
7. Double check for any bubbles left.

This job is easier done with two people and not in direct sunlight.
If you do not feel comfortable doing it, take it to a professional.