Acura RDX 410CC Injectors

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Genuine OEM Acura RDX injectors

These injectors are ideal for modified all motor K-Series engines using performance parts such as cams, intake, Kpro, header, throttle body or intake manifold. Very popular and affordable alternative fuel injector set that is highly regarded by the K-series enthusiast community.

Special high-flow fuel injectors with a wide dynamic range contribute to the RDX's low emissions and high horsepower, and a variable-flow fuel system also contributes to low evaporative emissions. The accuracy of the control of the injector has been increased so that less fuel can be injected during certain situations (such as idle). 

RDX injectors provide 410cc's and a unique spray pattern over regular factory K20A and K24A injectors. Dyno tests have shown (via forums) a bolt-on performance gain of approx. 5hp by just switching over to RDX injectors. Some tuning may be required depending on engine application. These also work for B/D/F/H-series engines with an aftermarket fuel rail (specifically made for RDX injector) along with an engine management system.

02-06 RSX Type S
06-11 Civic Si
04-08 TSX

Sold as a set of 4 injectors

Clips required! - Not compatible with non-RDX oem injector clips