Ultimate K-Swap Radiator V3 - Black

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After going back to the drawing board in the pursuit to make CSF products better, CSF introduces it’s new V3 K-swap radiator. The new K-swap v3 radiator is now even more universal and more adjustable to fit in even more configurations for all of your wildest K-Swap dream set-ups.

K-Swaps continue to evolve and crazier builds continue to sweep the Honda scene. This new and improved version of The Ultimate K-Swap Radiator now comes with provisions to mount our optional 12-inch SPAL & fan shroud kit (coming soon) on the driver side. Included with this new 2-row 42mm thick radiator is a core that utilizes CSF’s exclusive B-Tube technology is a kit that contains: adjustable AN-16 male fittings or OEM style 1.25 inch slip-on connections. This adjustable inlet/outlet design has been adopted from our tuck radiator line that is exclusive to Rywire.com, and now makes the CSF v3 K-swap radiator better than ever, and perfect for high-end set-ups who want to run AN lines right out of the box.

Both top and bottom inlet/outlet can be adjusted to run either -16 male or slip-on hose connections.

Also designed into the new V3 K-Swap radiator is a 3-way adjustable breather pipe to allow the overflow pipe to come out from either the left, right, or straight out to work with any overflow bottle set-up and location.

The updated filler neck design allows the breather pipe of any set-up to be cleanly installed on to the filler neck no matter the direction. Next to it is the CNC machined mounting boss and elevated mounting pin that can be used in center section radiator mounting set-ups like in EG Civics. Use one of the other smaller mounting provisions for EK set-ups.

The new V3 K-swap radiator from CSF comes complete with side mounting points as well as a billet center mounting point for all EG & EK chassis. This radiator can be mounted anywhere you would like using the adjustable mounting pins and plug system for the top tank, all while still maintaining the cleanest looking radiator in the industry. To top it off, the temperature sensor port used in some OEM K-engine set-ups is still located next to the bottom outlet mounting bung so it’s a true-plug and play system for your K-swap!

The full included hardware and mounting kit for the new V3 K-Swap radiator by CSF. Everything you need, and nothing you don’t!

  • 2 Row 42mm High Performance Core by CSF With B-Tube Technology and Ultra-Efficient 6.5mm Tall Multi-Louvered Fins.
  • Installation Kit Includes Both -16 AN Male connections, as well as 1.25″ OEM Style “Slip-on” Hose Connections.
  • Universal Mounting Features
  • CNC Machined Mounting Boss and Elevated Mounting Pin (Included)
  • Adjustable Mounting Pins and Plug System for the Top of the Tank (Included)
  • Side Mounting Points as well as Billet Center Mounting Point for all EG & EK Chassis.
  • Updated Filler Neck Design (Allows 3-Way Adjustable Breather Pipe to be Installed in Multiple Directions)
  • Temperature Sensor Port
  • CSF’s Black Color

92-00 Civic
94-01 Integra
Other K-Swap set-ups

Aluminum shroud and fan sold separately HERE.