SOLO 2 Lap Timer

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The most precise and easy way to get lap times

Solo 2 has high precision GPS lap timers offering the following characteristics:

Solo 2 features a 25 Hz, four constellation GPS receiver and a 100 Hz 6-axis inertial platform. It calculates, shows and records:
Lap times
Sector times
Position and vehicle speed
3D acceleration and gyro

Lap Times and Sector Times
Solo 2 automatically calculates the lap times, thanks to their internal database including thousands of tracks all over the world: when you turn them ON, they automatically recognize the track where you are going to drive and get the information about the Starting Line Position and the Time Zone.

Position and speed on track
Position and speed on track are recorded 25 times per second. Thanks to the four constellations that Solo 2 manages, the precision is generally under the 0.5 mt.

3D Accelerations and Gyro - The inertial platform at 100 Hz gives the possibility to calculate roll, pitch and yaw.
Predictive Lap Time, based upon:
Best lap of the day
Best lap of the session
Previous lap
User reference lap

Types of tests:
Speed races in a closed/open circuit
Performance tests
Choose the type of performance you like to evaluate, selecting:

The speed limit: Or the distance:
0-60 mph 1/8 miles
60-0 mph 1/4 miles
0-100 Km/h 100 m
0-160 Km/h 150 m
400 m
1000 m

After test on screen analysis
Solo 2 shows the proper information during the test and powerful data review immediately on your screen.

Wi-Fi communication with the PC
Wi-Fi connection: easy, fast, without connectors nor cables: the best way to configure your Solo 2, to manage the track database, to download the data to your PC.

In-depth analysis on RaceStudio 3
You may analyze your data using our professional RaceStudio 3 software, comparing data that cannot be show on Solo 2 and Solo 2 DL displays.

Solo 2 User guide
Technical sheet