Shift Knob

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Pick your preference of material, from lightweight duracon to weighted Stainless.
Checkerd Knobs measure 1.5" in diameter with Stainless and Duracon at a 3.5" height and Aluminum at 3" height.

Stainless Steel
Weighing in at 20oz / 567 Grams
Machine Spun Finish/ Lightly polished

Black Cerakote Stainless
Coated in durable cerakote

Made out of billet aluminum
Machine Spun Finish/ Lightly polished
Weighing in at Half a pound,

Black Anodized Aluminum
Same specs, just anodized black

Machine Spun Finish
Lightweight 3.3oz/93.6 Grams

10x1.5 mm Pitch Thread for Honda/Acura vehicles
12x1.25 mm Pitch Thread for Toyota/Lexus/Subaru

From Left to Right
Stainless Steel, Duracon Plastic, Billet Aluminum, Aluminum anodized black.

Stainless knob shown installed in William Tran's S2000