RapFix Racing Quick Release - Weld Type

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Weld On Type
Works Bell is Japan's premier interior performance company, well known for their Rapfix
series of quick releases. The Rapfix Racing uses a patented ball locking design which will not come off during driving but allows for quick and easy removal.
No play whatsoever, this is the ORIGINAL! The piece is a cold forged aluminum body, which is track tested and proven by the top Japanese race drivers.
Makes it easier to get in and out of your car, and also provides added security when parked.

This quick release will only bolt to 3 bolt patterned wheels and welded on hub shafts.
R Crew Racing 3 bolt to 6 bolt adapters are available.
This is NOT a hub, welding is required in order to use this.

This is meant for race applications and experienced experts only.

The height is 2.5" tall, so in some cases it may place the wheel to close to the driver.
In cases as such, you may consider calculating distance before welding from the
distance between the driver and steering wheel.