Rapfix Key Lock System + e

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Add a warning sound! Plus, a secure vehicle theft prevention system!
An optional part for RAPFIX2 to be installed on RAPFIX2 to further enhance security.

-The ball lock system RAPFIX2 is required to use this product.
・The components are one key lock body and two keys.
・It can be easily installed by simply fitting it to the plug of the "Ball Lock System Rafix 2" (vehicle side) and turning it.
-As no electricity is used, there is no risk of malfunction.
-The surface is anodized to prevent scratching.
-If you have lost your key, we can make a duplicate key with the serial number of the cylinder and an ID. *1
-The unit may become very hot under direct sunlight in summer. Please be careful not to burn yourself.

-This is Japan's first vehicle theft prevention device with a new mechanism.
-A new "Plus-E function" has been added to increase security by sounding a horn that sounds if the key lock is pushed inadvertently when it is locked. *1 *2
-The material used is aluminum A6061.
-The surface is anodized.
-Cylinder shape is resistant to picking.

*1 The "Plus-E function" is not built in at the time of shipment, so you can install it at your discretion.
*2 This function cannot be used in vehicles where the horn does not sound with the ignition off.

How To Use:
1.Remove the steering
2.Cover the key locking system (keyhole up)
3.Turn the key locking system 45 degrees to the right
4.Push in the keyhole part and lock