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CSF produces industry-leading radiator pressure caps for OEM and aftermarket sales worldwide. Our caps are available in four different sizes and numerous pressure ratings that cover 95% of all applications. CSF caps meet or exceed all OE and industry standards. Once again CSF delivers outstanding quality, selection, and performance at competitive prices! Don’t take any chances when cooling your ride. Trust CSF industry-leading radiator pressure caps to withstand the forces and heat while coming out on top of the competition!

Our radiator pressure caps are built from the finest materials to keep your coolant inside your radiator, pushing temps low and keeping our promise to you! You can always trust the cooling experts with your radiator, intercooler, condenser, or radiator pressure cap needs.

Note: We are not responsible for incorrectly ordered radiator caps.

Remove your cap to match Micro or Mini

Micro Caps are 16 lbs (1.1 kg/cm2) - Generally on latest Japanese Vehicles
Mini Caps are 20 lbs (1.4 kg/cm2) - Generally newer vehicles and race radiators