Interlocking ID Tube Clamp - Round

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We have used many brands of tube clamps and these are some of the best tube clamps around. We use them on our personal Checkerd Sports builds and have them in stock, so we decided to offer them on our site too.

When we sat down to come up with a design for our interlocking inner diameter tube clamps/couplers, we thought we could greatly improve upon what already existed. We built a number of unique features into these that sets them apart! At TMR Customs we manufacture the world's best roll cage clamp!

1: Both bolts can be loaded from the same direction! Gone are the days of threading in one fastener from the front side, and one fastener from the back side. Now you can mount our tube clamp extremely close to other components on your chassis without interference issues!

2: Locking feature - we use a nylon lock nut. No need to worry about stripping out the tapped holes in your clamps. The nylock nuts key into the machined pocket, eliminating the need to hold them with a wrench or socket when tightening. 

3: We machined a large 45 degree chamfer along the interlocking edges. This makes it much easier to align the clamps, especially after they have pulled from welding, or the tubes have slightly tweaked from a roll over or crash.

4: We left enough length on the small ID that is inserted into the tube that you can properly plug weld these for additional strength.