Volk Racing CE28 Hyper Gold 17x10+ 50 RARE SET

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Rare set of Volk CE28 in Hyper Gold, BRAND NEW IN BOX.

The Volk Racing CE28N wheel is one of the Lightest and Strongest Wheels Rays Engineering offers! The Volk Racing CE28N wheel is a One Piece Forged (Monoblock) Aluminum Wheel.

This is perfect for S2000 fitment and clears lots of big break kits.
Concave face.
Very rare specs, selling from personal stash.

Wheel Specs: 17x10 +50, 5x114.3 P.C.D.
Weight : about 15.98 lbs or 7.25 kg.
Color: Racing Green Color

BBK Clearance we have tried:
Cleared AP Racing BBK on S2000 with no spacers.
On S2000, Spoon MonoBlock and Stoptech ST40M needs 3mm spacer.
With Stoptech C43 Race BBK kit, it needs 5mm spacer.