IACV Block Off

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CS K-Series Idle Air Control Valve Block off to eliminate the oem IACV.
For what ever reason you need it, to clean up the engine, or just simply because you don't want to maintain the AICV anymore. We all know how picky and annoying the K20 AICV can be.

• Re-use or replace the OEM rubber gasket for the block off plate.
• Must have K-pro or other programmable ECU to disable OEM IACV
• After you have disabled the oem iacv, you MUST adjust idle manually by using the throttle stop. You willl need a 7mm wrench and a 2.5mm allen key. Once you have adjusted the idle, lock the jam nut back in place

We have personally ran this block off on all of our K-series cars, race or street. The only negative feedback about running without an oem iacv is starting the engine under/around 20 F degree weather. Just give it a little gas for the first couple seconds if you run across this problem in freezing weather.

Will fit:
2002-2006 RSX Throttle Bodies
2002-2005 Civic Si Throttle Bodies
Other Aftermarket Throttle Bodies ranging in those years
Does not fit Euro R Accord or usdm Accord throttle bodies.

CNC aluminum, with brush raw finish.
Stainless Hardware included.