Checkerd Sports Track Day 7/5

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We are very excited to bring you our first ever Checkerd Sports track day at Thunderhill Raceway!

We will be running the 3 mile track.
Only 4 run groups for maximized track time, maybe 3 depending on turn out.
Camping previous night on the paddock (7/4).
If you don't want to track your car, but would like to show it off, we are also having a small meet section.

- Event pass, meet or track
- 10% off one future Checkerd Sports order (one time only, contact us for promo).
- Camping is optional

See our complete FAQ / Cancellation Policy page. If you still have any questions feel free to contact us.


To maximize track time for everyone, we will only be running 4 groups; Beginner, Intermediate Low, Intermediate High, and Advanced. Run groups might possibly change depending on how many people sign up for each one.

Run groups are divided by track experience and skill level. Please apply yourself accurately to keep track flow as smooth as possible. Even if you own a super car, doesn’t mean you get to immediately jump into advance group. Checkerd Sports and Thunderhill reserves the right to change drivers from track groups they do not fit in.

Advanced / Red - open passing, 15+ track days experience or racing license. Experience with open passing. No passing restrictions with good judgement, passing anywhere.

Yellow / Intermediate High – Point by recommended. 10+ track days experience. Drivers are experienced in passing. Point-By Passing is recommended, but not required.

Blue / Intermediate Low – 4+ track days experience. Point-by passing is required. Passing in the corners is only allowed if done safely with point-by.

Green / Beginner – 0-3 track days experience. Point-by required at all times. No passing in any corners. Only passing on straights. Instructors will be provided. Passengers are not allowed.

By purchasing an event ticket, you agree to Checkerd Sports cancellation policy, Thunderhill Rules and Regulations, Track Waiver, and tech sheet to be completed and signed.