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Car stuff isn't the only things we like to create. We also like fine small leather goods to match our good taste in cars. We paired up with the amazing Mospoke to bring you Italian leather hand made card holders and wallets, in our Checkerd Sports style.

Made from Buttero vegetable leather, a hard-type whole leather with rich oil on the surface of the leather, which sufficiently compensates for the burst of vegetable leather. The headquarters is located in Toscana, Italy, and handles the finest leather produced by the Conceria walpier company.

It uses only the finest French hides. Since the leather surface contains oil, the texture is more dense, smooth, and soft. Above all, it is the finest vegetable leather in Italy that expresses the essence of leather.

The thickness of the sewing waxed thread is 0.8 to 1.1 mm. This is characterized by beautiful colors, so it gives you a ton of options. The surface of the thread is coated with wax, so there is no fear of damage, and the quality is enhanced by strongly fixing the leather. Natural scratches that occur over time, aging that is different for each individual due to sweat or oil, and secular changes contain personal habits and use of objects. This expresses the natural beauty and individual uniqueness that only the finest leather can express, not just things that are getting old.

Handmade, stitching is based on craftsmanship and uses only hand stitching, not sewing machines. This is called the 'saddle stitching' method and is used to strongly fix the leather using a waxed sewing waxed thread. Unlike a sewing machine, this requires a lot of time. Sewing is an accurate, consistent, regular, and robust method that ensures long service life and excellent quality.

For finishing, chemical dyes/pigments/finishing materials are not used. This guarantees excellent quality by using only the finishing method that is harmless to the human body.

Width: 105mm
Height: 74mm

Cardholder has one pocket. Pocket is suitable for 1-3 cards. Great for going out with minimal cards.

Black with black stitching
Black with red stitching
Beige with Beige stitch

This might be the only batch made, or at least for a long time...