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Checkerd Blog Feb/Mar 2012

Feb/Mar 2012



First time making a blog, I'll give it a shot, don't expect a crazy car event blog like Joey's Chronicles. This is just some randomness going on in life, what friends/shops are up to, and current news on Checkerd Sports of course. Please remember I live in Nevada and it's winter so nothing to exiting.

Starting off with my Birthday weekend. My girlfriend, April bought me some tickets to go see RJD2. So we headed to Reno for the night. Started off with LOTS of sushi with April and Scott. (Please excuse the bad pics, they are all iphone pics)


We then headed to the knitting Factory. Ended up seeing lots of people we knew. Also met up with my cousins and some friends at the show. Opening for RJD2 was Who Cares and Lunis.
Who Cares, has some good old stuff, but whatever he played at the show was not the greatest.

Who Cares

Lunis I've never even heard of till that day but he was pretty good, he got the crowd going but maybe played a bit too long.


Finally RJ came out couple hours later in what looked like welding gear. Put on a great show.


We ended up leaving a bit early. Ansel from Monzo Speed in Lake Tahoe was outside waiting to hit some bars. It was a good birthday. The next day had some goodies in the mail Thanks to Rodrez. Ended the night in Lake Tahoe hanging out with Dan Phan from R Crew Racing.

Honda Tuning

Same day got the new issue of Honda Tuning which has CHECKERD SPORTS in it! Pick it up.

Honda Tuning

It was very windy the next couple days. Takumi (our dog) was so mad about the wind he ended up pulling the tree from the roots.


Speaking of dogs, I was working on a customers car and I took a picture of her dog to send to April. Thinking she would think the dog is cute, I get a reply of "Woah look at the dogs bone bone." I didn't realize the dog had his lipstick out.


Couple days later I scored some lift tickets to Sierra for a great price. It was snowing all night and woke up to more snow but James and I were determined to go anyway. I rigged up a camera mount on my snowboard, but there was too much powder that kept covering it up so the video was a big fail. Here are some pictures from that day.


The road was pretty bad, saw couple cars on the side and some accidents.

Highway 50

James was telling someone that it was ----> way.



Towards the end of the day it got too windy and was pretty much white out. We ended up leaving early.


Didn't realize how dirty my truck was till the snow fell off it on the highway, then parked at home.


The next weekend April and I took a trip to her mom's house in SoCal in the middle of the desert.
Complete change of climate. (on our way out on Highway 395)


So who lives in a pineapple off highway 395? Spongebob? Everytime I go to L.A I always see this weird house off the highway, today I decided to take a picture and share it.

pineapple house


While we snowboard up here, Dan and Janos from R Crew Racing get to enjoy a sunny day at Thunder Hill. Here are some videos Janos was kind enough to share.

Dan Phan's Green Hulk.

Janos in his EK.


Cody at Garage Works Powdercoating was experimenting with some of our shift knobs, contact him if you would like any parts done in your color preference.

white checkerd knob

NEW! Checkerd Sports Fuel Pressure Gauges.
Will work with our fuel rails, any 1/8 NPT port on Fuel pressure regulators, or with stock fuel filters (adapter needed, not included). We have the fuel filter/gauge adapter coming next week to add the gauge to your OEM fuel filter.

FUel gauge

New batch of K20 ECU Mounts is in. I left some in "RAW" condition for those who like it better or want to paint/powedercoat it.
Left is in "raw" mode, Right is brushed.

ECU Holder
ECU Holder

Till next time!