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Checkerd Blog April 2012

April 6, 2012


Track days are LONG, tiring, but well worth it.

Day Started off waking up at 2AM. It was snowing the previous night so we wanted to leave early just in case we hit bad weather. Gathered up tools, snacks, lots of gatorade, and some snow gear for the cold weather. 3AM rolls around finally leaving my house. Almost forgot to put a windshield wiper on. Now remember my car has no heater so I'm dressed as if I were going snowboarding. 13 degree weather wasn't too bad exept my finger tips would not warm up, beside that all the layers I put on keapt me warm.
(Some pictures are from phones, so get over it.)


Met up with Zee Chen on Highway 80. Zee tells me to meet up at some McDonalds but I didn't wana stop and lose all my heat so I told him to just drive slow on 80 and eventually we would meet up. I was on 50 about to get on 80. There was no traffic and no snow so we made really good timing. First ones at the track :)


Meanwhile Dan was also on his way with my new Recaro.

Dan Phan

I drove up with a spare seat I had in my room, since I sold my Buddy Clubs. Then Dan got there with my Recaro SPG, so I swapped the seats. Really liking this seat. I've been trying out different seats just to see which ones I like the best. So far Status seats were one of my favorites. That was until I tried this Recaro, I think I have a new favorite, not as much padding as the Status Ring though. I will have to get new Recaro pads and then decide. Buddy Clubs are great if you are on a budget, but my rib cage was too tight on the top part, besides that they weren't bad.

Recaro SPG

Dan Phan doing some last minute touch ups to his belts. Also trying out his new Recaros.

Dan Phan

Ryan Der and Philip Sison were there ready to hit the track, but they didn't let them on with their bikes :/

Ryan Der

First mistake of the day I made was not eating breakfast then going on a ride-along with Janos. I had to make him end the session early because I was about to lose it in his car. Janos is a great driver, always improving.

Janos Talking to Tony while "pumping gas"


Edgar-do came out as well. Funny thing he went just to watch and hang out and ended up signing up last minute.


Tony Pham rolled up right after we did in the morning. His EK looks almost too clean to be on a track. Love how simple and clean it looks. Perfect in my eyes.

Tony Pham EK

Sung Choi's Clean NSX


A semi decent group shot.
Im not sure what Zee was doing to my wing here?
Anthony and his eg in the very back.

group shot

Zee rollin out.

Zee Chen

Following behind him, Me.

Raul EG4

Edgar-Do following.


Phil getting ready to take a ride with Dan.

Dan and Phil

Tony Pham

Tony Pham

Second mistake of the day I made. Spin out and turn my splitter into a lawn mower.
Ryan Der "Checkerd Lawn Mower"

checkerd lawn mower

Sung in his NSX.

Sung NSX

Nobody really got any good track shots, but at least we got some videos! Everyone left a bit early to miss Friday rush hour traffic. Zee, Edgar-do, and I stayed for one last session then headed home.

driving home

My car was dirty from the melted snow on the floor and covered in grass. Woke up and washed it first thing.


Rolled out had a nice BBQ rest of the day.

carne asada


Janos makes some good videos.

Some guy called Janos out said civics can't take Nissan.
Little did he know who he was talking to : )

I didn't have any exciting videos so here's a small part of me spinning out.
I was just crusing behind Edgar-do and then decided to pass a little too late.
I probably could of braked a little harder.
Coming back Dan and Ryan talking shit asking me to cut their lawn.


We now have 1/8 NPT adapter fittings to add our fuel pressure gauge to your stock fuel filter.

Check out our new Fuel Pressure Gauges.


We will also have another batch of Checkerd Hats soon. Let me know if you want one, I am only making enough for people who order. So let me know or you might miss out again.

Checkerd Sports Hats (Flex Fit, come in S/M or L/XL)

Checkerd Hats

Back by popular demand, Anodized black aluminum shift knobs.
Shown from left to right.
Stainless Steel, Duracon plastic, Aluminum, Black Anodize Aluminum.

Shift knobs

Takumi snoozing.


Till next time.