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Checkerd Blog October 2014

October, 2014

Car Build Part 2

(Sorry most pictures are crappy cell pictures)

Built by: Ansel and Raul
Written by: Raul

We left off last time having a meet at the shop. Thanks for everyone who attended.
Really good turn out for our area, I think a lot of people were surprised how many people came out.

Back to the build. I started ordering hardware to replace the random hardware all around the car.
Also lowered the front a bit, might still need more low.

A few months ago I had ordered an Integra DC5 Type R from Japan as a donor car. Please don't ask if we
can import you a car and register it, not going to happen. Car arrived and right away I went to pull the heart out.

Here is a picture of the car before it left Japan.

Parts all over the shop.

The removable top X bar that we made makes it very easy to mount the engine.
Speaking of mounts, we still had to complete the welds on the engine mounts, they were only
tack welded on, still enough to hold the engine in.
Since it's been so long since we last dealt with the mounts, we had lost one of the engine mount
pieces. Called Hasport and was shipped the next day.

I remove the heater core hoses on all my engines, so this one was no different.
R Crew Racing K20 heater hose block off kit, in stock.



Found this modified RBC manifold in my office. I started working on it a few years ago and had plans of putting it
on the EG4, but never got around to finishing it. Might finish it and put it on the slayer.

I started messing around with some RBC manifolds, shaving the un-used sections.
I stock RBC manifolds so it's nice to be able to grab one off the shelf.

Started doing some shopping for radiators and realized the Rywire tucked radiator dimensions are exactly
what I was looking for.

Perfect Size!

We originally had planned on making a gas tank to place behind the passenger seat. After mounting
the engine we realized we needed everything else up front for weight distribution. Change of plans made
us decide to put the tank up front. I found an Aeromotive 6 gallon tank that was perfect for where we
were placing the tank. The tank is a great buy, built in baffles, and fuel pump. After doing some math
making our own tank would only save us a couple hundred dollars, so it was easier to just buy this one.

We made some mounts for the tank and welded them to the tank.

Radiator and fuel cell mocked up, kind of :/ .

The next task I wanted to tackle was the floor. The floor turned out to be more work than I thought.
I spent almost three straight working days on it. I welded the tabs that were already taped for bolts.
That's when I realized we still had lots of welding that had to be finished from the bottom of the chassis.
Ansel cruised down finished the major welds and also brought his wire feed, since my old yeller Miller
decided to start acting up. The day after I spent most of the day grinding all the welds on the bottom so
the floor plates can sit flush on the metal.

For the front compartment and driver/passenger floor I cut out 1/4" aluminum, everything else behind the
seats was .080" aluminum to save weight, no one will be stepping on those sections.

Random cool pic of Ansel cleaning up the edges on the harness bar.
We had a few late nights at the shop since we wanted to show the car at Eibach "The West
Coast Collectives: One" meet.

Harness bar welded in.

Next obstacle we faced was the steering column. We had to finish the support of the column. We planned
on using a heim joint for the rod, but they didn't make a heim joint the size we needed. We had our
machinist make a spacer that would press into the heim joint and slide perfect on the rod.

I finished boxing up the column mount on the top for support.

Then built a box to bolt the heim joint to.

We finished mounting the radiator and fuel cell.

We wanted to add the headlights to the car before we took off to the meet. The headlights really set
the car off and make it look more like a car.

We bent some tubes for the supports, the next day I made the top plates and Ansel finished off the welds of art.

Of course we added some dimples to it.

Headlights mounted up. The lights might have to be mounted on top of the supports for inspection.
According to NRS they need to be 24" off the ground.

Grabbed a battery and quickly hooked them up to see how they would look lit up.

Few last details and we were off to Corona Ca. for the meet.

Long trip.
8 hrs one way, stayed for the meet, ate dinner and drove right back home.
Had a few people that told us they came to the meet just to look at the car, which was awesome.
Brian from Hasport gave us kudos on the car, pretty cool coming from Brian.

A few pictures Joey took.
It was nice to catch up with a few people I haven't seen in a while. The original Eibach location meets
are always the best. Last time we were there was 2010 I think.

Until next time, follow me on IG if you want to see faster updates.
We also release sneak peaks of upcoming product sometimes.