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Checkerd Blog March 2013

October, 2013

Pursuit of Happiness

As a kid you think things will go the way you image them. Never thinking of any problems
getting in the way of your dreams. As you grow older you realize you can't always have what you want.
When you come to this realization you either complain or work harder.

Since I can remember I always wanted to have my own shop. With the fall of the economy,
starting a shop became more distant in my view. Checkerd Sports has came a long way since
the days of selling s2k push start buttons on NWP and Honda-Tech. Lots of side jobs started
appearing in my personal garage, and new Checkerd Products started to crowd my office and garage.
I never had an image of opening a shop in this small town, makes paying the rent ten times harder
with very little population that are interested in what I offer. However, I come from an electrical
background, graduate of Mobile Dynamics and over 10 years of car install experience. I am
a lot of peoples "go to" guy when it comes to installs, wire tucks, and any car electrical work
in this area. So why not integrate both car electronics and Checkerd Sports website into one
shop! This was just a vague idea I had in my head for a couple months. It wasn't until my
supportive girlfriend April pushed me to actually try it. She was right, just try it, what's the worse
that can happened? Plus I'm not getting any younger, so this was the time. Getting everything
up and running was not easy at all. I hardly have time to begin with, working a day job and running
Checkerdsports.com alone is very time consuming. Setting up a shop around this schedule would
be a mission, but duable.

HUGE thanks to everyone who has supported Checkerd Sports, whether it be since the b16rex_02
days or yesterday. I appreciate it very much.

Now on to some pictures.
(Sorry some are cell phone low quality pictures)

Started slowly moving stuff in.

New display cases set up. April approved.
April aka Checkerd mail lady, she ships all your packages.

Patched up some holes in the wall. The place use to be a karate place.
Put up some slat boards.

Ansel from Monzo Speed helped me cut a sign and dimple die it.
Brandon at JDM Decals sent over some huge vinyl for the sign.
It's a pain centering the vinyl when you're picky like me.

Do not try this at home. haha.

After I installed the alarm and finished painting the slat boards I put all around
the shop, it was finally time to move stuff in.

The last couple days before Open House were very hectic. Fire Marshall set
me back a bit, had to fix some stuff on the building, but got it done just in time.

Pictures taken by Edgardo during Checkerd Open House

Night before, Abraham, Edgardo and I were eating breakfast at 4 AM.
Long nights, headed out for coffee, met up with Scott.

Ansel from Monzo Speed Lake Tahoe made an early appearance
Good friend and business partner.

Romel and the 4Fifteen crew showed up from Yuba City.

Brought the Honda Grom shop bike out since not many people have seen one yet.
She got whored out and everyone rode her.
(Shown with Checkerd Fender Eliminator)

This shirt is everywhere.

Anthony came out couple days before to gamble and lose all his money.
He also helped mop the shop.

Edgardo's EG

Checkerd EG4

Display wall with Status Racing seat chillin.

Grom getting whored out.

Ricky and Rick watching Abraham stall.

Checkerd Sports and R Crew Racing display

More display
Python Security/Remote Start, OMP, Rywire, Buddy Club and more Checkerd parts

Flat 4 Crew showing love

Good to see we had a variety of cars, Rick's Cadi is rad.

My sister

My sister rolled through with her home made salsa, everyone grubbed on it.
Noses running everywhere from the spice, but everyone keapt eating.

This is my "stupid credit card app" isn't working face.

Looking up some rim sizes.

Damn kids eating on my counter haha.

Talking bikes and alarm stuff with Derek.

Zee rolled in without his Checkerd Sponsored EG.
(Featured in Honda Tuning)

K POW Powered!

I spy Checkerd Engine parts

Collecting last minute raffles

Winner of Checkerd EK4 Stainless Exhaust
Chris Parker, said he's never won anything in his life before.

The man who took all these pictures, Edgardo.

Abraham eating more tacos from the taco truck, Tacos El Guero.

The amazing cup cakes made by Christina Clark Cake Decorator.
Hit her up for any cakes!

Talking to Chris

Getting ready to head out for another long night, at least it
wasn't a working long night.

New shirts were released and sold during event, still have some left.

Thanks again for everyone who came out and showed some love!
Thanks to everyone who helped.

Hopefully we can make this an annual event.

Till next time.