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Checkerd Blog March 2013

March, 2013

DC5/ RSX Push Button Install

I decided instead of taking time to do a blog, I will do some “Checkerd Tech” articles. These articles are only to help people out. Checkerd Sports will not be responsible for any damage done to your vehicle.

This kit can be purchased here.

Start by removing the RSX panel, it is held on by clips so it will pop right off.
Becareful not to damage the dash when prying off.

DC5 Button Install

You will need to relocate 2 of the buttons, in this case the "cruise" and "fogs"
were not hooked up so it didn't matter. I moved the "roof" button to the left and
then trimmed the plastic piece off the center.

DC5 Button Install

Snap in the DC5 push button holder in place.
Before doing this place the button inside the holder, there is a top and bottom.
You can see it by the way the button goes in.

DC5 Button Install

Insert the button in the button holder.

DC5 Button Install

Notice how the button snapped in perfect, that means you have the button in
the correct spot, if not it's upside down.

DC5 Install Button

Plug the neccessary plugs back into place and snap the panel back in.
Finish wiring up the relay with instructions included in your Checkerd Sports
Button kit.

DC5 Button Install

Thanks to Kun for letting me use his RSX as a demo.
Till next time.