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Checkerd Blog June 2014

June, 2014

Checkerd Sports Summer Meet


These are some pictures I have collected from a few people who shared them from the meet. I didn't have time to take any pictures at all. I want to thank everyone who came out. Organizing a meet was very challenging when you are a one man team/business. Thanks to everyone who helped out directing traffic and making it go smooth.

Thanks to:
Taqueria La Salsa
BMF Shop
4th UP
4Fifteen Motorsports
JDM affiliateD
Js Racing

If you see a picture you don't like of you and want it down, please contact us.

Brian from 4th Up setting up his booth.

Jake on his way out.

Larry's S2000

Lotus, R8, Lexus

These guys just waiting for the food to open.

Scott's EG

John's Supra took people's choice award home.

Still looking for tacos.

Inside the shop.

Cool picture Larry took of my old retired fiberglass EG4 air damn I made.

NvUS crew

Zee's RHD EG4 (Old Checkerd Sports EG4)

Edgardo's EG

Really cool picture of the car in it's OG days.

Coolest kid shirt (sticker).

Anthony's Del Sol

4Fifteen Romel and Santiago

Erlin's 99Si K20A (swapped by Checkerd Sports)

La Salsa Booth was ON POINT! Too bad I didn't have time to eat seconds.

Scott's EG interior

Checkerd Sports / Monzo Speed current tube car project
For more details check out the build.

Good friend Jorge came out from L.A to DJ.

4th UP Brian and Kristina

Checkerd Sports S2000

Taking last minute raffles

Getting ready to call out the raffle winners.

Cool BMF $100 bucks prizes

1 of 3 Checkerd Sports trophies hand made for the event.
It was only proper to make them dimpled to match our race products.

After those long nights of staying up prepping and setting up for the event, we had to end the weekend with a relaxing day at the lake.